dsc 2436


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  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:34:15 (unknown) said

    Great pose....and rather painful I'd imagine...ouch, don't pull my hair pleeeeaaase!
  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:34:15 (unknown) said

    ooh now thats what i all horny
  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:34:15 (unknown) said

    super beiden tragbare klare plastikregenmantelfesseln erstklassig
  • max on 2004-Oct-17 08:53:17 max said

    sex would be amazing in that position. You wouldn't be able to move AND YOUR GAGGED. I'd would LOVE to be used like that!!
  • zschiesing@tiscali.de on 2004-Nov-30 16:08:07 zschiesing@tiscali.de said

    kann man auch da mit machen?
  • fatcat3001@hotmail.com on 2005-Jan-27 14:05:41 fatcat3001@hotmail.com said

    Dam!!! i wish my girl would do that to me
  • Arichbrfc1@hotmail.com on 2008-Mar-11 12:12:03 Arichbrfc1@hotmail.com said

    what a fantastic dream girl
  • Rubber.R on 2009-Dec-09 14:20:08 Rubber.R said

    Love the bondage J,and the 'forced' gaging,very sexy.