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  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:53:52 (unknown) said

    A Roll Of Factory Shrink Wrap + A Large Supply Of Duck Tape... (everyone should try it)
  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:53:52 (unknown) said

    Better if the feet were not out of the frame. Otherwise, superb.
  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:53:52 (unknown) said

    Can i be next please, But I want JT to do it to me
  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:53:52 (unknown) said

    Execelent job-well done.
  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:53:52 (unknown) said

    Fantastic - you can't beat the feeling !
  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:53:52 (unknown) said

    How on earth is she going to eat her breakfast?
  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:53:52 (unknown) said

    I wish it was me
  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:53:52 (unknown) said

    JT you are so lucky to be able to try whatever you like. I wish I could try the things you do. Still one day my dream will come true. pvcdee@
  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:53:52 (unknown) said

    Love the way her breasts and hands are molded into place. Is this over a sleepsack or what?
  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:53:52 (unknown) said

    Very nice worm !!!
  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:53:52 (unknown) said

    Wish we could the process of JT being wrapped
  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:53:52 (unknown) said

    You wish....And it comes true - nice one
  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:53:52 (unknown) said

    could i be next but with JT
  • (unknown) on 2004-Jan-24 13:53:52 (unknown) said

    i love it tight!
  • justine on 2004-Oct-24 05:00:23 justine said

    being mummified is such an erotic experience..
  • Crow Shadow on 2004-Nov-20 21:05:19 Crow Shadow said

    I what are YOU having for chistmas this year... lol
  • (uknown1) on 2005-Jan-03 18:25:30 (uknown1) said

    thats hot, id love to be mummified
  • (unknown) on 2005-Jan-13 12:48:21 (unknown) said

    omg i wish that me so much
    great work
  • (unknown) on 2005-May-12 07:48:11 (unknown) said

    I want to see more
  • badboy_080@hotmail.com on 2005-Jun-14 09:04:34 badboy_080@hotmail.com said

    That is my dream, and I hope it comes treu one day!
  • badboy_080@hotmail.com on 2005-Jun-14 09:05:20 badboy_080@hotmail.com said

    Thats my dream, and I hope it comes true one day!
  • unknown on 2005-Aug-08 11:05:47 unknown said

    now thats a sticky situation
  • thegifted@comcast.net on 2005-Aug-08 11:07:24 thegifted@comcast.net said

    is that a sticky situation or what
  • badboy_080@hotmail.com on 2006-Jan-24 10:59:15 badboy_080@hotmail.com said

    I want it now... PLZ.. Who wants to help?
  • ntfctruefan@hotmail.co.uk on 2006-Dec-17 14:49:45 ntfctruefan@hotmail.co.uk said

    I don't care who does it or how just put me in latex so many layers that I cant move plz!!!!!!!!!! Tape would work too!!!
  • jddr@hotmail.co.uk on 2007-Mar-04 14:07:51 jddr@hotmail.co.uk said

    umm i would love to try that too. not gunna happen i dont tihnk tho :(
  • jddr@hotmail.co.uk on 2007-Mar-04 14:08:28 jddr@hotmail.co.uk said

    wish that could be me. not going to happen tho. :(
  • stalybridge_snooker@fsmail.net on 2007-Jun-18 06:20:48 stalybridge_snooker@fsmail.net said

    How do we get to have that done to me.call me please.
  • ian on 2007-Jun-18 06:22:28 ian said

    is there a phone no to call to have it done to me .would be great.
  • Yggdrasil on 2007-Jun-23 09:30:25 Yggdrasil said

    Ahh blis,dont supose they will be any more Ductape images comeing along ?
    you realy do no how to stop her escapeing !
  • alan the viking on 2007-Aug-08 08:54:31 alan the viking said

    nice shot of this bound babe.wish she could do that to me,i would be in heaven...
  • blob boy on 2007-Aug-15 17:34:08 blob boy said

    should be covered in plastic wrap duct tape and then plaster.
  • jr on 2007-Dec-31 10:55:59 jr said

    now i know what to ask my wife /mistress
    for my birthday this year.
  • Tom on 2012-Apr-09 11:18:27 Tom said

  • Unknown on 2012-Apr-09 11:19:37 Unknown said

  • Steven on 2012-Apr-09 11:20:46 Steven said

    Would love to be in there!
  • Anon on 2012-Apr-09 14:17:43 Anon said

    Wow, someone do that to me?