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  • Rubierat on 2016-Feb-16 07:16:19 Rubierat said

    I like this Waterfall Video. Thank you for this!
  • Eric on 2016-Dec-23 09:10:21 Eric said

    Beautifully shot, first class rubber gear (and plenty of it) and a lovely model: what more could one ask for? Perhaps some of the episodes could be longer and go deeper into more advanced scenes. Always keeping to what you like because your blissfully obvious enjoyment in your work doubles our viewing pleasure.

    There's a range of rubberwear which you seem not to have tackled: I refer to SBR coats and suits. What about Jo in bondage and DID shots in a long SBR mac, boots and gloves? Unfortunately these coats are expensive, but at least you would have a coat that can be used in public in suitable weather. This would give an attractive opportunity to shoot Jo while she's wearing this gear in public - I've done shoots lke this and the girls seem to enjoy posing in full kit in front of the public. It's exactly what rubbergirls like - posing in attractive and timely rubber gear in front of tourists and locals. Would Jo agree?

    I used the Covent Garden Plaza and an ordinary street for several groups of shots. Careful: some locations ban unauthorised shoots.